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Seats, guides, positive stem seals, unleaded conversion

Intake manifold, throttle body and carburetor air flow improvement.

From Y-Blocks to 500+ cu in Big block Fords, from air cooled Volkswagens to the Crower Motorsports entry in the Popular Hotrodding Engine Masters Shoot-out, even Jeremy McGrath's XR-50 Honda, we've ported them all.

Air flow R & D work for your serious project


We've ported cylinder heads for a wide variety of engines.

Volkswagen, 041   044   Street Eliminator   Comp Eliminator   Super Flow A-RPM  Water Boxer

Volkswagen Type 4

                                      HONDA                                      HARLEY

                                                                                                                                   124 cu in S&S Harley

                                          Honda XR-50   &    Takegawa Super Head                    113 cu in S&S Harley

                                                           Honda XR-70                                                Harley Davidson EVO heads

                                                           Honda XR-400

                                                            Honda 200X

                                                           Honda 350X

                                                        Honda CBR-600   


FORD                                                          GM

Motorsport 460 Aluminum                                          Aluminum ZZ Crate heads. SBC

A-460 Big block Ford                                                                 Brodix SBC

Edelbrock Performer  SB Ford                                   Brodix Rectangle and Oval port for BBC

Edelbrock Performer RPM  SB Ford                                   Edelbrock Victor BBC

Edelbrock Victor for SB Ford                              GM Performance Parts Rectangle port aluminum BBC

Twisted Wedge Heads SB Ford                                              Vortec V-6 and V-8

GT 40 iron SB Ford                                                                      SBC iron

Edelbrock Aluminum FE 427 MR                                        Corvair Tri-ported

Ford Y-Block                                                                             Saturn 4 cyl.

Lincoln Y-Block 368


MOPAR                                        YAMAHA                          SUZUKI

Edelbrock 360 Mopar Aluminum                 Yamaha YZF-250   YZF-426                          LTR-450

Brodix 360 Mopar                                         Yamaha TTR-90                                           Suzuki LT-400      

                                                                      YFZ450 & YFZ450R




AMC                     NISSAN                                     KAWASAKI

AMC iron                 Nissan 300ZX        240SX                                  Kawasaki KLX-250/300/600



Zeng Chon XR-110

Fiat 124

Port work. It's what we do!