2002 up-date

331 cubic inch Y-Block hits 425 horsepower

San Diego, CA                                                                                  April 6, 2000

A 331 cubic inch Ford Y-Block specially built for Ernie Phillips of Tyler Texas reached 425 horsepower

on the Superflow® 901 dyno at Ed Hale's High Performance Engines in Lakeside California. The engine, 

built by John Mummert utilizes a 1959 EDB block and 1959 5752-113 cylinder heads. A heavy duty truck 

crankshaft was welded and offset ground by Castillo's Crankshafts of La Mirada California to produce a 

3.65" stroke. 3.80" Ross pistons with 13cc domes and Eagle chromoly connecting rods completed the 

reciprocating package. A custom ground camshaft by Dema Elgin of Redwood City California operates the 

1.6:1 aluminum roller rockers and Ferrea valves. The 1 3/4" headers were fabricated by Jerry Christenson 

of Minnetonka Minnesota. Preliminary tests with a fabricated exhaust tube intake netted 383 horsepower.  

A modified 1957 ECZ-9425 B cast iron intake was then installed and a maximum 425 was observed at 

6300 RPM. All tests were run with stock Holley 750 vacuum secondary carburetor. Ignition is by original 

1963 Ford distributor modified to accept Ford Dura Spark internal components triggering an MSD 6A.

A peak torque reading of 383 ft.lbs. was reached at 5100 RPM.     2 dyno sheets below.

tylerdua.jpg (313266 bytes)

During the last test the dynomometer ran out of fuel rendering all fuel related reading meaningless. Ignore the Air/ fuel

readings, BSFC and F/A lbs: hour readings.

tylerbes.jpg (299880 bytes)