Home                                                                                                                         May 03,2002

Ernie Phillips' Y-Block  increased to 340 cu. inches. Dyno test shows 451HP!

 Blue Thunder intake and internal modifications show big increase.

San Diego, Ca

Ernie Phillips' 331 cu in Y-Block was enlarged to 340 cu in by increasing the stroke from 3.65" to 3.75". Compression was raised to 12.5:1 and many internal parts were lightened. Much of the improvement is attributed to the new Blue Thunder Dual Plane intake manifold. The manifold was only match ported at the carburetor flange and head gasket surface. Manifold showed big increase in breathing capability above 6200 rpm which has been the limit of efficiency for previous manifolds. Within 1hp of maximum reading  available at 7000rpm with no loss of low rpm torque. Power runs from 3400-7000 RPM showed flat torque curve of 364-388 ft. lbs. from 3500 RPM to 6400 RPM. Average HP from 4300-7000 RPM was 397.4. Peak power was 451.6 @ 6800 RPM.  New cam was ground by Dan Crower of Crower Motorsports. Car ran 1/8 mile in 7.35 seconds on carburetor and 6.64 seconds with 20% nitrous in first outing.

Dyno sheet of Ernie Phillips 340 cu. in. Y-Block tested at   ESI Racing Engines, San Diego Calif. Built by John Mummert