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T-5 Adapter for 54-64 Ford F-100 F-250


The original 1954-1964 Ford truck 3-speed bellhousing has been modified to mount 1993 and older Ford Mustang or Thunderbird T-5 transmissions on bellhousings.

Do not attempt to use a 1994 or newer T-5 as the input shaft is too long.

The modification can be done to 215-223 6 cylinder trucks also.

Clutch disc. A new clutch disc with 1-1/16" 10 spline hub must replace the original. Diameter must match your pressure plate, typically 10" or 11". Use 1965 or newer Ford car or truck disc.

Pressure plate. The original pressure plate is designed to clamp clutch discs that are thicker than the T-5 clutch disc. A special pressure can be assembled using a car unit with the levers from a truck pressure plate. Throwout bearing must be sleeved to fit T-5 bearing retainer.

Car pressure plate. A modern pressure plate can only be used with our special Truck to T5 throwout bearing.

Clutch fork. The original clutch fork can be re-used if in good condition.

Release bearing. We can provide a bushing to sleeve the original release bearing to the T-5 bearing retainer diameter. Our special throwout bearing allows use of modern pressure plates.

Flywheel. Surface the flywheel and replace ring gear if needed.

Pilot bearing. The pilot portion of V-8 and V-6 T-5ís is the same as the original @ .668". On 4 cylinder T-5ís the pilot is .590". For the 4-cylinder transmission it is recommended that the press-in needle bearing of a 4 cylinder pilot bearing be installed in an original bushing. The original bushing must be bored to accept the needle-bearing pilot.

Shifter. The shifter will be located near the front of the bench seat.

Drive shaft yoke The yoke will need to be replaced as the spline is different. 28 spline required, commonly referred to as a C-4 yoke. A 1966 Mustang yoke will work for many applications.

Rear mount Not required


Disconnect the battery. Elevate vehicle and block wheels. Use appropriate jack stands and safety measures. Support the back of the engine as the transmission supports the rear of the engine. Remove original transmission from vehicle. The bellhousing can be left on the engine but installation will be easier with it removed. The clutch disc will need to be removed, as the spline is different. Carefully inspect the pilot bearing and throw-out bearing.

Replace worn parts as required. Use alignment tool to center clutch disc between flywheel and pressure plate. Springs in center of the disc face away from flywheel. Tighten pressure plate bolts. Flywheel and pressure plate bolts are special, do not substitute standard grade bolts.

After the flywheel, pilot bearing, clutch disc and pressure plate have been installed install the Bellhousing. The pilot bearing portion of the input shaft will need to be shortened approximately 1/4" with a disc grinder or other suitable means rotating shaft while grinding. If the input shaft butts in the rear of crankshaft engine damage will occur. Check for crankshaft end-play with transmission installed. This dimension must be .004"-.010". Due to the various input shaft lengths as shown in the chart and varying depths of the recess in the crankshaft no set dimension can be given. To measure, insert transmission into bellhousing and gently snug the fasteners. Do not tighten. Measure the distance between the transmission face and mating surface of the bellhousing. Remove this amount + 1/8".

Install transmission on to bellhousing. Tighten nuts and check crank end play.

If the crankshaft still has end play proceed with installation. If not, the input shaft must be shortened an additional amount.


Measure driveshaft to determine length. The yoke should be a minimum 1" back from bottoming on the end of the output shaft.

Install clutch linkage and adjust to 1" free play at clutch pedal.

Fill transmission. ATF is specified by factory. Light weight gear oil gives better wear protection. Do not use 90wt. gear oil.

Driveshaft yoke: 28 spline. Commonly referred to as "C-4 yoke"

CLUTCH LINKAGE BRACKET for 54-56 Trucks only.

Mounts to side of transmission. 2 cover bolts must be replaced.