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ALL BLOCKS HAVE 6015 in the block casting number. This is found on all blocks and is Ford's number for an engine block.

Example- EDB 6015 E

BLOCK I.D. CODES                               NOTES

CEBY   256-272 cu in      Cast in Canada. Export block. Used in Canada, Australia, South Africa

CECK  292 cu in              Cast in Canada. Export block. Used in Canada, Australia ect

EAA     215 cu. in. I-6      1952-53 Ford OHV six cylinder. Increased to 223 in '54. See EBP

EAD     317 cu. in. V8      1952-54. Early Lincoln OHV engine. Not interchangeable with Ford. see Lincoln page                

EAL      279 cu. in. V8      1954 Ford HD truck.  see Lincoln page.

EAM    317 cu. in. V8      1954 Ford HD truck. see Lincoln page.

EBJ       341 cu. in. V8      1955. Early Lincoln OHV engine. See Lincoln page.

ECU      368 cu. in. V8      1956-57. Early Lincoln OHV engine. See Lincoln page.

EBP      223 cu. in. I-6       1954- cars & Lt. trucks. EBR, EBS, EBT in HD trucks

EBU      239 cu. in. V8      1954 cars only. LARGE CAM BEARINGS.

EBV      239 cu. in. V8      1955 pickup, small cam bearings

EBY      256 cu. in. V8      1954 Mercury

ECG      272 cu. in V8        1955 to 57 cars and trucks. Typically Dearborn casting.

ECH      292 cu. in. V8      1955              

ECJ       292 cu. in. V8       1955

ECL       292 cu. in. V8      1955

ECK      292 cu. in. V8      1955-56 Ford    1955 Mercury        

EDB-A   292 cu. in. V8      1955-57 if cast at Dearborn Foundry. EDB found near distributor and generator

EDB-B   292 cu. in. V8     1956 if cast at Dearborn Foundry. EDB found near distributor and generator

B5AE    272 cu in V8        1959 Replacement block for 272. May have been used for marine & fleet

PLEASE NOTE: 292 and 312 Blocks were machined from the same castings with the same markings.

If the following blocks have EBU main caps it is a 292, if it has ECZ main caps it is a 312.

ECZ-A    292-312 cu. in. V8      1956  ECZ 6015 A    With EBU main caps =292.    ECZ main  caps  =312   Check crank flange or main caps.

ECZ-B    292-312 cu in V8    1956-57 292 or 312

ECZ -C     312 cu. in. V8       1957  ECZ 6015 C.        292 with EBU main caps.

EDB-E      292 cu. in V8       1958-59 cars and trucks to April 59.     312 in Mercury Casting # above oil filter

B9AE-F     292 cu. in. V8     1959-60 cars and trucks. (312 with ECZ main caps, 1959 & 60 Mercury only)  

C1AE-R     292 cu. in. V8     1961 cars and trucks  

C2AE-C     292 cu. in. V8      1962 cars 62-64 trucks

B7ME        312 cu. in. V8     1962? later 312 replacement block. C2AE main webs. Only example seen  was a marine engine     

NOTE: 6015 is Ford's number for an engine block. All blocks have this number.

Block identification number generally on side of block above oil filter for blocks cast at Cleveland.

Dearborn block I.D. number near distributor and above generator. Most Dearborn blocks were truck or Mainline and Customline.

 No Dearborn blocks after 1957. There were no special truck blocks. Heavy duty trucks with steel cranks used C1AE or C2AE car blocks.

Most Dearborn blocks after 1954 were 272's. Most 292 and 312 blocks are from the Cleveland foundry.

clevelan.jpg (105930 bytes)        

Cleveland casting numbers on side of block


                                        ECZ MAIN CAP = 312 BLOCK

difid.jpg (45160 bytes)

Common 272 Block from Dearborn Foundry


Dearborn numbers, also found (upside down) near generator. Typically 272. There were some EDB 292 blocks cast at Dearborn.

Dearborn symbol is DIF indicating Dearborn Iron Foundry. There have been no reports of any 312 blocks cast at Dearborn.